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What Should be on Your End of the Year Long-Term Planning Checklist as a Florida Senior?

Is life in Florida everything you hoped it would be as a retired and busy senior? Do you enjoy an active lifestyle, keeping healthy and visiting with family and friends? However, now that the year 2023 is coming to an end, have you given any thought about what your future may hold and even if you might need long-term care? Have you thought about what would happen to you if you suddenly became incapacitated due to an accident or surgery? Do you have a plan in place if you receive a serious health diagnosis? Have you thought about having a legacy in place for your estate when you pass away? To answer all these questions you need to begin planning as soon as possible.

To be honest, most of us would rather avoid even thinking about long-term planning, but it is very important. Deciding what to do now, before a crisis occurs, is invaluable. By starting now you can work with an experienced Florida elder law attorney to ensure your lifetime of savings is protected from nursing home bills which is an invaluable gift.

How do you even begin the conversation about planning for the future when you do meet with your Florida elder law attorney? When you meet with us in our office, we will begin the conversation by letting you know that we understand that long-term planning can be complicated. Like many of our clients, you probably have a variety of questions. Are you wondering as a Florida senior, what should be on your end of the year long-term planning checklist? Below we would like to share with you an end of the year long-term care planning checklist. You may want to use this checklist when talking to your loved ones about long-term care planning for yourself over the holidays, or anytime throughout the year.

  • Do you live at home?

  • Are there mobility issues within your home?

  • Is your home equipped for you to age in place?

  • Do you have a life alert or alarm system in place to help you should you fall?

  • Have you had any changes to your doctors or your medications?

  • Are your doctors covered by your insurance?

  • Do you have any new health care concerns that have come up over the past year?

  • Do you have a good local support system?

  • How is your mental health?

  • How collaborative is your family dynamic?

  • Do you have a Florida estate plan and is it up to date?

  • Does your Florida durable power of attorney include super powers?

  • Are you able to live comfortably on your monthly income?

  • Do you have long-term care insurance?

  • How long could you afford to pay for a nursing home out of pocket?

  • Have you worked with an experienced Florida elder law attorney to create a plan for long-term care?

Even though you may find long-term planning difficult to think about, it is critical. As the year draws to an end is a good time for long-term care planning that may be developed in a way to provide certainty and comfort, which can often be missing in the aging process. By planning now for your long-term care, you and those you love will benefit from the peace of mind that comes with your planning.

We know this topic may raise more questions that it answers and want to help you plan for the future, and the unexpected. Whether you're young and single or a married five-time great grandparent, your voice and wishes need to be known. Worley Elder Law, based in beautiful Bradenton, Florida, focuses on helping you understand your options in designing your Estate Plan or Elder Law needs. Whether it's preventative incapacity planning or establishing your legacy, we will take the time to explain every option and work with you to create a customized plan just as unique as you and your family are. Please do not hesitate to contact us to let us help you.


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