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Meet Jami-

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Hello there! I’m Jami Worley and my goal is to help you navigate the often complicated and confusing process of securing your family’s future, planning for long-term care, addressing your needs after a loved one dies, and helping you understand the best options available.


You may be thinking Estate Planning is only for the wealthy and those worried about losing their estates to taxes when they die. Or perhaps you think that Estate Planning is fairly black and white, a sort of “fill in the blanks” if you will (let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the do-it-yourself forms…).


The truth is, EVERYONE needs an Estate Plan! And since there are countless details to consider and just as many ways to design your estate plan to fit you and your family’s needs, I’m here to help.


Perhaps you are a young family, or retirees new to the Sunshine State. Or maybe you’re like me and consider your four-legged fur babies your children, or you may be single and just trying to determine what to do with the estate you’ve worked hard to build. You’ll have questions and I will either have answers – or will get them for you.


So why should you choose to work with me? After all, many lawyer bios say pretty much the same thing, right? Well…

Growing up, I had hundreds of grandparents. No, I wasn’t raised in a commune or as part of a religious sect, and they weren’t my actual grandparents, I just saw them that way. My Dad was a pastor and his calling/passion involved working in senior ministries. That meant that I spent most of my childhood in nursing homes and with seniors, hence having hundreds of grandparents. I learned very early that death was inevitable and shouldn’t be feared – but that it should be planned for. That’s probably not something “many lawyers” have in their bios.

My family is full of U.S. veterans, so helping veterans is very important to me. In law school, I had the privilege of working in Stetson’s renowned Veterans Advocacy Clinic. I worked with veterans who were seeking their well-deserved VA benefits. I have represented clients at the Regional Office, in front of the Board of Veterans Appeals, and at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. I am a VA-Accredited attorney and admitted to practice in front of the Court, which allows me to continue to help veterans with their benefits and long-term and estate options. There are fewer than 50 VA-Accredited attorneys in the Bradenton-Sarasota area, and even fewer who are admitted to practice in front of the Court, so that’s certainly not something “many attorneys” have in their bios.

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Perhaps most importantly, I have a personal understanding of the importance of planning ahead for the unexpected. I know what it’s like to struggle with balancing the grief of losing a loved one with the necessity of trying to navigate the legal aspects of their passing. In September 2017, I lost my Dad. In fact, that’s why our motto is, “Helping your family navigate Estate Planning & Elder Care.” My Dad (long before I came into this world) served as a Navigator in the U.S. Air Force (that’s him, in the picture just above). Our motto is my way of honoring his memory.  


It hasn’t been easy. But I can certainly relate to adult children who are trying to pick up the pieces and take care of their surviving parent (my Mom now lives with us…). I can share what I’ve learned and even provide a few stories that are bound to make you laugh.

Want to know a little more?


I’ve spent the majority of my life in Bradenton, Florida, and I love it here! I was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and spent a few years in Asheville, North Carolina – where I met and married my other half, Charles. I dragged the poor mountain boy back to my beloved Sunshine State, where he’s acclimated fairly well and we’ve been here since 2001. Our household now includes us, my Mom, and fur babies: Pete, a 13-year-old Catahoula Leopard dog and we Magnolia Grace, a 3-year-old German Shepherd. 


I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of South Florida (Magna Cum Laude). Before returning to college, I was a photographer (of course, once a photog always a photog, so I do still take pictures). I love the water and enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, and have even tried scuba. But I’m of Celtic descent, so I’m pale and caked in sunscreen whenever we go out!


I hope this helped you get to know me a little better, and I’d love to have the opportunity to get to know you and your family!

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