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How We Help Your Family 

Let’s be honest, you probably already have an idea of what a Will is, or maybe even understood the benefits of a Trust before visiting our page. What you want to know is how much this is going to cost you. Well, we can definitively give you the best answer you’d be able to get in any law school- it depends. We know, we know, it’s not a very satisfying answer is it? We sincerely apologize. However, allow us to do something that half the time doesn’t get done in law school- we will attempt to at least explain why it depends.


You may be familiar with other Estate Plan/document services that advertise options such as, “Revocable Trust- $300.00” or “Free Durable Power of Attorney.” And we’re not going to completely knock those services. But you, your family, your needs, desires, and fears are all unique to YOU - as are individual state requirements. Worley Elder Law works with you to create an Estate Plan that addresses all the things that are unique to you, which results in a unique Estate Plan. When you see a flat rate that seems to apply to anyone wanting that product, know that you, your 92-year-old widowed neighbor, the young couple with the new baby down the road, and every other person you can think of will all walk out with essentially the same documents (hopefully the names will change appropriately).


Now, you may be a fan of total uniformity and that sounds awesome to you. If so, we are very happy you checked us out, we hope you learned something new, and we wish you the best.


At Worley Elder Law we strive to discuss all aspects of your estate and wishes, taking in to account your values and family needs. We take pride in designing a plan with you, for you.


What’s this going to cost?

Excellent question, and certainly something we’d want to know too! While we can’t give you a black and white answer without talking to you about your individual needs, we will happily explain how we set our fees.

Flat Fee or Value Pricing for Estate Planning and Medicaid Planning

We use a pricing model that sets the fees based on the work to be completed for the client. The price amount is set and agreed to before the work begins- that way no one is surprised once the work’s done. We aren’t big fans of surprises and treat our clients with the same respect.

So then, how is the fee determined? Well, when we first meet we’ll discuss your situation, needs, wants, and options. Once a plan is made, then we will assess the work being completed and quote a fixed flat rate before we start any work. This amount will be detailed in the client agreement that all parties will sign. If additional work will be required, then a separate conversation and agreement will be made.

There are multiple benefits to this structure. As noted, there are no surprises. Additionally, this method encourages open discussions between you and our team as you don’t have to worry about being nickeled and dimed for every question or email.  

Worley Elder Law offers complimentary initial consultations for estate planning to discuss your details and determine if we can assist with your case. These appointments are scheduled for 1 hour. During this time, we’ll discuss the basic applicable rules and laws concerning your specific needs and will offer options and recommendations on how to proceed.

Probate Pricing

Probate cases are commonly handled on either a flat rate or a percentage of the value of the estate. These amounts will vary with the specifics of your case and we welcome you to schedule a consultation to learn about the options and associated costs. 

VA Disability Compensation Claims

VA appeals claims are almost always based on what is known as contingent fees. You’ve probably seen the personal injury ads where someone says, “We don’t get paid unless you win”. That pretty much sums up how that works. If we are not successful in your claim, then you owe nothing to us. Our fee is a fixed percentage that we discuss prior to you officially hiring us.

We require a 50% deposit on all estate planning, long-term care planning, and probate work agreed to, with the balance due as explained in the Client Agreement. For our client’s convenience, we accept all major credit cards and cash/checks.

Contact us today to set up your appointment! 

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