As we try to explain to our clients, life can change in the most unexpected of ways! So, wait no more and allow us to introduce the newest member of the Worley Elder Law team- Magnolia Grace.

Magnolia, or Mags for short, unexpectedly joined the team in August of 2019 and turned 6 months old on Christmas Eve 2019.

She has been an exciting challenge! Starting from scratch and training her takes lots of patience, treats, time, and planning. Good thing planning is kind of our specialty!

Magnolia is a German Shepherd pup and based on her parents, she’ll be a pretty big girl. She is wicked smart, loves to play games, and has an ability to track with her nose like you wouldn’t believe. For Halloween she even went as an undercover police dog.

Much like her older brother, Magnolia helps hold down the fort at the home office so if you’re not a fan, no worries. Also like her older brother, Magnolia will appear every so often to help explain issues to consider for your favorite four-legged family members, so be sure to keep an eye out on our blog and our Facebook page!   

And of course, we’ll keep you updated as she grows!


Magnolia at DeSoto National Memorial Park


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