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Magnolia Grace, or Mags for short, joined the team in August of 2019 as our Manager of Client Happiness. She’s a German Shepherd who is wicked smart, loves to play games, and has an ability to track with her nose like you wouldn’t believe.

Now, in case you’re not a fan of a furry team member, no worries, Magnolia primarily helps hold down the fort at the home office. We have on occasion had requests for her presence, so if you’d like to meet her in person, just let us know.

You’ll be hearing from Magnolia from time to time as she tries to help explain issues to consider for your favorite four-legged family members, so be sure to keep an eye out on our blog and our Facebook page!   

Magnolia PAWSS Art 2.jpg

Want to talk about Magnolia

or what steps you need to take to protect your furry child?

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