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At Worley Elder Law we focus on Estate Planning and Elder Law to help you and your family.   


Why? Well, because we know what it’s like to think you have more time or that you can get around to talking to someone next week- but that someone doesn't make it to next week.


We understand what it’s like to be the loved ones left behind and having to figure out how to navigate this new world- but without a map.


That’s one of the things we do at Worley Elder Law, we provide direction for you and your loved ones.


Estate Planning- 

Our documents aren’t just pieces of paper with legalese all over them (okay, some are), they are instruction manuals guiding your loved ones on what you want to have happen once you’re gone or become incapacitated. They provide an organized method to reference and store your documents so your family doesn’t have to perform a morbid scavenger hunt to figure out who they need to call or worse, overlook an asset that could have helped ease their minds.   


Long Term Care/Elder Law-

When it comes to long-term care needs, we work to make sure the family and the assets you’ve spent your whole life working for are as protected as possible. Whether we help you to understand the difference between countable and non-countable assets or explain the different “tests” that must be met in order to qualify for Medicaid, we work with you to ensure the best options for your family are taken.  



As the saying goes, “nothing is certain except death and taxes”. As death is inevitable, we are here to assist family, friends, or anyone else who has questions on what to do next. Probate in Florida is not the easiest process, which is why the courts require a Florida attorney to be involved. We can help you understand the different types of probate, whether or not probate is needed, and help you navigate the probate process.  

So, whether you’re an individual, young family just starting out, concerned about an aging loved one, or somewhere in between, we will take the time to understand your situation and concerns and will help you design a plan that’s as individual as you are.  

How Can We Help?

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