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Meet Charles

Hello, I’m Charles Worley, your charming non-attorney spokesman. Yes, my last name is Worley and I am in fact related to Attorney Worley, she’s my wife. I’m actually also related to another Attorney Worley in North Carolina, but I’m pretty sure he’s finally retired (this time). Since I’m not an attorney, I serve as the Office Manager and assist with operations, scheduling meetings, and answering the phones. I can’t offer any legal advice, but I’m more than happy to talk with you.

About me. Well, I was born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina but relocated to Bradenton, Florida back in 2001 after meeting and marrying Jami. While I miss the mountains and fantastic roads, I have adapted fairly well to life in the Sunshine State.

I have been a motorcyclist for the last 20+ years and enjoy riding my Ducati when the weather and traffic cooperate. In addition to casual riding, I have worked on motorcycle race teams traveling the country, and began racing the Worley Elder Law bike last year! I'm fairly sure we're the only elder law firm that has its own race bike. 

That should give you a bit of insight as to who I am, but feel free to call if you have additional questions!

I look forward to assisting and talking to you soon.

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Ready to chat with Charles?

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